September 18

Vintage Base Ball*

*historically accurate spelling

  • September 18 - final home game of  the season
  • 1-3pm on the Great Meadow
  • Included in a "Gardens and Grounds" admission

Bring a blanket and/or a chair and relax under the trees on the Great Meadow and enjoy a game of "base ball" the way the game was meant to be played. Dogs on leashes are welcome to watch the game. Cranks (fans) will be able to cheer on Stan Hywet's resident team, the Akron Black Stockings.  Huzzah!

About Vintage Base Ball

Vintage base ball emphasizes true sportsmanship and friendly competition. It is a “gentleman’s game” and all players must treat their opponents and umpires with the utmost respect. There is no bunting or sliding in vintage base ball. Uncivil language, ungentlemanly behavior, spitting and alcohol are also prohibited at games and are “punishable by fine.” In addition, safety equipment was not used in the 1860s so vintage base ball is played without helmets, catcher’s masks or gloves. While considerably different, the modern spectator will recognize today’s game at these vintage games. For more information on vintage base ball, visit


From time to time, photos will be taken of guests visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.  Stan Hywet reserves the right to use these photos for communication, promotional and marketing purposes.