2020 Season: Winds of Change


Our 2020 Season, WINDS OF CHANGE has been delayed. Read our statement.


America in the aftermath of World War I was defined by expansive social change that influenced the very essence of work, play, politics and culture. The Seiberling family, like many Americans, experienced and reacted to the changes happening around them – women’s suffrage, prohibition, an influx of immigrants, rapidly changing technology, a volatile presidential election and evolving fashion and music in a decade fraught with both excess and reform. In a surprisingly familiar reflection of life then and now, Winds of Change encompasses a Manor House exhibit that addresses the changes experienced by Akronites in the 1920s and how many of those same issues continue to impact the city today. 

Both dynamic and nuanced, the theme will be captured in a colorful garden exhibit of the same name -- Winds of Change -- comprised of whimsical wind catchers and designed by an all-female group of local artists.  With a nod to the Roaring Twenties, luxury gangster cars will command attention on the show field at the Father’s Day Car Show, and the annual Midsummer Night’s Gala will become livelier than usual when the gardens and grounds are transformed into a speakeasy just ahead of the summer solstice. The past is very present this season at Stan Hywet.



From time to time, photos will be taken of guests visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. We reserve the right to use these photos for communication, promotional and marketing purposes.