The Art of Bonsai

June 15 - July 13

Stan Hywet presents The Art of Bonsai June 15 – July 13 in the Corbin Conservatory. In partnership with the Akron Canton Bonsai Society (ACBS), this exhibit is an opportunity to learn about this ancient Asian art form.

JULY 12 & 13 - 11am - 4pm - Bonsai Care and Styling

Bonsai (pronounced “bone-sigh”) originated in China as “penjing” more than 2000 years ago. The Japanese adapted and refined the art form, naming it bonsai, which literally means “tree in a pot.”

Shape, harmony, proportion, and scale is all weighed carefully in this art form. A tree planted in a small pot becomes a bonsai after it has been pruned, shaped, and trained into the desired shape. Bonsai are kept small by careful control of the plant's growing conditions.

The Art of Bonsai is included in a “Gardens, Gate Lodge & Conservatory" tour.

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