Molto Bella Auto Show

Sunday 9/16

The Molto Bella Auto Show is this Sunday 9/16.

Sunday 9/16/2018
10am- 4pm on the Great Meadow

In partnership with The Summit County Kidney Foundation

Stan Hywet hosts the 6th annual Molto Bella Auto Show on the Great Meadow.This exceptional show features more than 400 cars on display, including exotic sports cars, rare classics, vintage Ferraris, custom cars, music/entertainment, tours of the historic Manor House and more.

Download the Molto Bella Auto Show Program that all guests will receive on Sunday 9/16.

Stan Hywet members:  $11 adults, 18+ / $5 youth, ages 6-17
Non-members: $14 adults, 18+ / $6 youth, ages 6-17
Children 5 & under are free.

There is no onsite parking at Stan Hywet during the Auto Show on Sunday, 9/16, with the exception of limited handicapped parking (see information below).

Please park at these locations, with free shuttle to/from Stan Hywet:

  • Todaro’s Party Center (1820 Akron-Peninsula Road)
  • Case Community Learning Center (1420 Garman Road)
  • Essex Preschool (1160 Winhurst Dr.)
  • HANDICAPPED PARKING: there is limited handicapped parking  available on a "first come, first served" basis in our main lot at Stan Hywet. You MUST have a state issued blue hang tag. Enter through the exit gate off North Portage Path.






From time to time, photos will be taken of guests visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. We reserve the right to use these photos for communication, promotional and marketing purposes.