Restoration: If This Hall Could Talk

Our 2021 Season

We're sharing highlights of the impressive restoration project that have been completee over the last 6 years in Restoration: If this Hall Could Talk.

 2015, Stan Hywet raised one million dollars for restoration, part of the Second Century Campaign. In the Manor House, our exhibit will highlight many of projects that have been completed with the funds that were raised. We'll also share the details behind our projects: why we made the decisions we made, what goes into restoring a space back to a specific time period, how we do the research, and how we are intrepreting and not just decorating.  It promises to be a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the work of our curatorial team in the Manor House.

We also have new information on the historic gardens that we'll incorporate into new and updated Picturing the Past panels throughout the grounds. For families, we are including a scavenger hunt to enjoy while walking the estate. Our Carriage House Cafe will feature an updated exhibit with general information on the estate and its service buildings.





From time to time, photos will be taken of guests visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. We reserve the right to use these photos for communication, promotional and marketing purposes.