Murder in the Mansion from your couch

Virtual Murder in the Mansion: MURDER ON THE BALLOT

October 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
  • 7-9 pm 
  • Invite family and friends from around the world to register to figure out this whodunit with you!
  • Buy tickets for a particular date by noon on the day of the performance

We've transformed Murder in the Mansion into a virtual production, combining pre-recorded scenes with live interrogation sessions inside the Manor House on each performance night. Guests will be encouraged to interact on the virtual platform by submitting questions to be answered live, as well as participate in interactive polling questions to see who they think would have the motive for murder!

***Registered guests will receive login information for the virtual platform closer to the date of their selected performance.***


This year's production is Murder on the Ballot. It’s 1920, and even though prohibition is the law, there are forces at work to to repeal it.  During this particular evening, the political event of the year, F.A. and Gertrude Seiberling, with Akron League of Women Voters  are hosting Ohio's leading senatorial candidate for the Wet Party. Suspects! Motives! A Murder mystery! It’s ​now an incredible interactive ​virtual evening experience. WHO is the murderer? WHAT is the motive? Come join the suspects and help investigate this “whodunit” until all is revealed in the Manor House's Great Hall.

The victim remains the same, but the murderer is different every performance night! Solve a murder mystery from your couch. Invite your family and friends across the country to join you in this fun whodunit!

Presented by the Stan Hywet Historic Players, a volunteer acting troupe who interpret 1920s Stan Hywet.



From time to time, photos will be taken of guests visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. We reserve the right to use these photos for communication, promotional and marketing purposes.