Winds of Change Garden Exhibit

Final weeks!

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S., thirteen unique sculptures created by local female artists are on now display through September. Each installation incorporates a kinetic component, using wind or motion as a core element of the design —playing off the title of this year’s theme, Winds of Change. The sculptures have been designed by five local artists, including Shelley Funai, Kimmy Henderson, Nicole Schwan, Michelle Wilson, and Jennifer Winkler. Most sculptures in the exhibit are for sale through Molly’s Shop.

The Winds of Change Garden Exhibit is presented by Peg's Foundaion.

Winds of Change Garden Exhibit Program


Most installations are for sale: please check with Molly's Shop for more details.

Shelley Funai
Ravenna, Ohio |

Shelley is the grounds manager at Stan Hywet. In addition to her talents in horticulture, she enjoys working and experimenting with other media, including ceramics and glass. Her installation, Dunlin Pond in the Carriage House Courtyard pulls from both sides of her personality as she incorporates art work into a cohesive garden design.

  • Dunlin Pond - Not For Sale

Kimmy Henderson
Stow, Ohio |

Kimmy is a self-taught artist, who first picked up a paintbrush after becoming a mom. Inspired by her personal battle with bipolar I and generalized anxiety disorder, she uses her art to raise awareness and end the stigma of mental illness with public installations for the Bipolar Butterfly Project.

  • Bipolar Butterfly - Great Garden - $10,000.
  • Autoschediastic - Corbin Conservatory - $1,000.
  • Kaleidoscope - Corbin Conservatory - $2,000. Individual butterflies: $30 (painted) and $20 (unpainted)

Nicole Schwan
Akron, Ohio |

Nicole is a metal artist who specializes in using recycled materials, and is always working to make the world a bit more playful, as evidenced in her sculptures on display in the Great Garden:

  • Birds of Ohio-Cardinal - Great Garden - $1,600.
  • Birds of Ohio-Hummingbird - Great Garden - $1,600.
  • Birds of Ohio- Woodpecker - Great Garden - $1,600.

Michelle Wilson
Akron, Ohio |

Michelle is the executive director of Global Ties Akron. She has sent her origami art in the form of peace cranes around the world.

  • Carousel of Peace - Elliptical Garden - $1,500.
  • Doves in Flight  - Breakfast Room Garden - $1,250.
  • Wings of Hope  -  South Terrace - $1,500.

Jennifer Winkler
West Salem, Ohio |

Jennifer has been a working sculptor since 2010, specializing in steel fabrication and warm glass work, and has worked on projects around the world. She is teaches middle school and high school art in Smithville, Ohio.

  • Prohibition Inhibition - near the Drying Yard - $2,500.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Great Garden - $1,500.
  • Call of the Ethanol - Great Garden - $1,500.





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