Manor House Curatorial Restoration Fund

The Manor House Curatorial Restoration Fund was created in response to the large and ongoing need for ready funds with which to address historic care issues in a timely manner. The fund was established to receive gifts for the sole purpose of addressing restoration, conservation and preservation initiatives related to the interior of the Manor House. While historic restoration projects often seem too broad in scope and cost for an individual donor to undertake, the fund is a vehicle through which even the smallest gift can make a significant difference to Stan Hywet's efforts. Examples of critical and important projects:

  • Restoration of Historic 1915 sundial
  • Conservation of Costume Collection
  • Storage upgrades for textiles and accessories
  • Velvet roping and brass fittings for increased museum security
  • Mannequins and dress forms
  • Restoration of Water Goddess statue in the English Garden
  • Restoration of the Nursery wallpaaper

The success of  the Manor House Curatorial Restoration Fund depends on the generosity of individuals who have chosen to share their passion for history and culture by supporting the current needs within Stan Hywet’s Manor House. We welcome contributions in a variety of forms: cash, checks, appreciated stocks, credit card transactions, in-kind donations, or planned gifts.

To donate or for more informoration about the Manor House Curatorial Restoration Fund, please call Dan Blakemore at 330.315.3239 or e-mail